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Ebersoles Shop

Ebersole’s Shop In Place 40 Years


Our shop report this month visits the basement shop of Pete Ebersole, a long-time Guild member. Pete’s shop is approximately 21 feet by 25 feet and is extremely well-organized and functional.

It is so because (1) Pete is a retired engineer and (2) this shop has been in place for 40 years. Everything has been tried and proved and we can assume that over the 40 years of use Pete has developed what is most functional and efficient in his well-equipped basement.

When asked what his favorite projects were he said what he really likes best is to experiment with the unusual. More on this later. . . .

Some of his equipment and machinery include:

  • 5 hp air compressor
  • 1 hp Craftsman floor model drill press
  • 12-inch swing Craftsman lathe
  • Delta variable speed scroll saw on wheeled table
  • 12-inch Craftsman band saw
  • 6-inch Delta jointer
  • 10-inch Craftsman table saw
  • 3.5 hp Hitachi router mounted on table saw extension
  • 6-inch Craftsman belt sander
  • Sharpening equipment
  • 10-inch Shopcraft radial arm saw
  • 1 hp Penn State dust collector with homemade cyclone
  • 12.5-inch DeWalt planer
  • Large collection of hand tools, gathered over 50+ years of woodworking.

While the shop is well-lighted, comfortable, efficient and well-used, the most impressive and most commendable tribute to Pete Ebersole is his ingenuity and engineering ability to design and build jigs and timesaving devices to be used on saws, routers and other equipment.

So, when Pete says he likes to "experiment with the unusual" he truly is way ahead of most of us in the use of these aids and in new ideas in his woodworking techniques.

Just one example is his use of plastic flower pots modified to make quick disconnects for his dust collector.

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