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Woodworking Show 2018

Woodworker’s Guild of Georgia

2018 Woodworking Show of Atlanta, GA 

March 16th thru 18th  2018

at the Cobb Galleria 

Time to get your projects ready for display or competition at the Guild booth

We need your help!  We are looking for our membership to show off their work at the 2018 Woodworking Show.  We will  have a large Booth to fill up with your projects to display or compete for ribbons

      Click on this to open  Entry Form

We are proud to announce that the Guild will have project judging competition at this year’s 2018 Woodworking Show once more.

The 2018 Atlanta Woodworking Show is scheduled for March 16th - 18th, 2018   More information about the Woodworking Shows can be found at

Categories will be Furniture, Boxes, Turning, Carving, and Other Woodworking.

How do you enter the competition? Entry forms are available to print from our website or from the Entry Form link above. We will have entry forms as a hand out at the January and February meetings as well. Entries for the competition must be solo projects where you are the sole woodworker. Any prefabricated or purchased pieces must be disclosed. You must be a paid member of the guild to enter. Please read the entry form for categories and competition levels.

How will my piece be judged? There are usually two to three judges invited to the contest. The judges will have from 12 noon to 1:00 pm to complete their portion of the judging. This is not a lot of time considering there are usually around 50 to 60 pieces to examine. The judges will look at workmanship, complexity, design, and finishing. Here are a few examples of what the judges look for: how well the piece was designed, are the joints appropriate for the piece, any planner snipe or sanding swirls present, does the finish have any runs in it or orange peel, ergonomics if applicable (does the chair sit well). If your piece is unusual and you want to let the judges know why, just leave a note with the piece explaining (i.e. chair was built for a 6’4” person who weighs 275 pounds). When the judges finish, the booth volunteers will help total the scores and ribbons will be placed. A few minutes for some pictures and at noon sharp the doors to the show will open.

How do I bring my piece to the show? On Friday morning (11am to 12 noon) to bring in pieces. Please contact The Guilds Woodworking Show Director John Champion, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information and directions for getting you piece into the show . If you are bringing a large piece there will be members from the Guild who can help you unload and bring in your piece. You may have to come to the booth to recruit some helpers if none are by the loading dock. Then bring your piece(s) to the booth and register at the check-in desk. If you have signed your piece, please cover your name with a piece of tape.

2018 Woodworking Show

 Woodworkers’ Guild of Georgia Competition Rules

  1. An entrant must be a current member in good standing of the Woodworkers' Guild of Georgia
  2. All pieces entered into competition should be registered in advance.
  3. A piece may be entered for judging at one public Guild showing (Woodworking Show) and one additional Guild showing (either the scholarship or open house).
  4. You may enter up to three pieces in each category.
  5. A piece cannot be entered in more than one category.
  6. The entrant must perform all work on pieces entered into competition.
  7. Each category must have a minimum of three entries in order to be judged. Any category with fewer than three entries will be dropped and the entries will be moved to the most appropriate category by the show committee.
  8. All signatures, logos, or identifying marks must be covered (taped) prior to judging. These can be uncovered after judging is completed.
  9. Pieces cannot be removed before the official closing of the show.
  10. The Woodworkers' Guild of Georgia reserves the right to deny an entry at our sole discretion (such as safety, size, subject matter, etc.)


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